Been away

So not updated the fan base in a while, mainly due to the fact i’ve had loads on.

Also been very lazy.

No, not lazy, busy.

I have been doing a video diary thing about my fitness, its more of a motivaional progress capture that will get blended into a big old video once im happy with it.

Another news my sister was over from New Zelands, so we appropriatly got wrecked, also did it again before i popped her on a plane back, so security were tots happy with that life choice.

hmm what else.

Brought loads of games, from humble bundle, the last Deus Ex game, that i had, but lost and bought again.

Lots to catch up on, will scribble about it later, when im not at a clients office…

i’m totally working right now.

Pokemon Idiot… Go

So this morning,I wondered into a client site, which happens to be a school.

Typically schools often contain kids.

Most of the kids at this particular school were going on about the new craze game for your mobile: Pokemon Go.

Now i don’t have an issue with the game, its not my cuppa tea, but i did download it to see what al the hype was about. Rather than bore you about what it is and does in game, I thought i’d reflect more on what it does… out of game.

It turns out, people are stupid.

I’m going to tell you two stories, both are true and both happened in real life, not lies.

First there is the cool story. One of the caretakers at the school, who is a nice bloke, always up for a chat and a giggle, someone i can say with confidence, isn’t an idiot. We got talking about the recent news (a favorite conversation of ours, we put the world to rights often), within which was a horrible disaster with France and some bunch of wankers called ISIS. The other bit of news we got chatting about was the game. He explained to me he didn’t even understand it, but his daughter had started playing it, and was most likely addicted. He and his daughter have a great healthy relationship, as such, when she asked him to drive around for 2 hours last night, when he questioned why and she replied “its a Pokemon thing”, he had shrugged his shoulders and took her for a drive.

This makes him a cool dad.

He has as a result, got extra gold stars in my book because:

He accepted his daughters request and treated her as an adult

He got involved with something she enjoys, whilst not understanding it

He spent hours of his free time, making her happy.

This is a great little story about a game that has got two people playing and spending time together. Honestly, not a bad thing at all, although i don’t know if i’d have done exactly the same thing, but fortunately for me, i don’t have kids, so i wont need to work that one out yet.

The next story is about what i’m so worried about in general about the world and the people in it today.

A grown adult was playing Pokemon Go, and this adult was a teacher. This teacher was SO absorbed in this children’s game, that he not once, but twice walked into a door. I’ll add to this other people have walked into roads, dangerous situations and been injured etc. Said teacher was playing the game and was completely oblivious to his surroundings. While observing this specimen, I noted that if at any point i had decided to block his path with furniture in the staff room, he would have most likely fallen over it.

So the teacher walked into the door, at first it was quite funny, everyone had a chuckle, as he explained he “had to catch em all” a phrase from the game or similar. My joy at his blissful stupidity turned into genuine concern for his well being as he seconds later, walked right into the same door a second time, with a bit more force this time as well. It turns out his focus was so intense on finding the Pokemon with his phone camera, he ignored what he was actually looking at through said camera, so intent on getting the Pokemon.

This man is without doubt and idiot.

So are many hundreds of other players of this game.

What i can’t wrap my head around is how they can possibly become so enchanted with the simple act of walking around with their phone, to the point they are walking with full on blinker mode.

Do you know anyone like this? Has your faith in humans been diminished as a result?

I know mine has, stupid Pokemon sheep.


The Road and What it Means!

So typically when you start a blog, you divulge those inner thoughts that don’t make it in the general chin waggery with people in normal conversation.

So we will start with some of those said things, and shape where and what we will do on this site.

The Road:

I guess this requires a start point, with an end point in mind. Starting with important things i think about, and ending with.. plans?

I guess recently on my mind are a few things that take precedence over the default 6 second rule and remembering to breathe. These hopefully will pave the way, and/or at least put something in here that is interesting to read about me, years down the line so it can be looked back upon with fondness at how stupid i am/was and how crap this started out… probably.

So the most common thing i end up thinking about is my health. A few years back I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, and as much of a life threatening thing it can be, I’ve only really had a few hospital visits, that have been almost entirely my own fault.

Rather than drone on about diabetes and its problems, the issue i think about it regarding me is how i can get on top of it consistently. For I am lazy. Your not supposed to say this, in fact I’m quite sure, you are meant to be pro-active about it, else ultimately i guess you die horribly. So, to avoid that, I think a lot about being less lazy about it, but often find that i still end up being pretty lazy. Don’t get me wrong, I do what i need to, but i could be a lot more pro-active about it all. Much like a new years resolution to not die this year, i guess one of the things i will be frequently visiting is the old diabetes and how i handle it.

Another thing that frequently pops into my noodle is something that i get fairly passionate about (internally) and enjoy doing. Sadly my family are less enthusiastic, as such its been a go to subject of pissing me off for years. Said subject is gaming.I’m a little older and a little wiser (not much), but back when i wasn’t, games were in their infancy, well not infancy, lets say were not widely popular as they are now. Day one i got a game on my dads old Amstrad, I was hooked. A habit that i have molded over the years. I enjoy many game types, electronic over physical is almost always a give. Yep I will definitely touch this subject up a lot. Be it what i get up to, thoughts on games, or general banter regarding the topic.

Relationships, lets just not go there, risky subject, riskier even more so if she ever reads something when I may have said something else. Lets all agree, as juicy as my love life is, rather than break it, we will avoid it. That said other than the one i have with my “super hot sexy other half”, i will probably mention things about other people in my life, be they strong relationships, e.g. my broskies or some tit that cut me upon the road 5 mins earlier (i say five, i don’t think i will immediately jump on the internet and post about that, since i’d probably still be driving…)

Wow, i’ve written like over 500 words so far. Rather than an essay lets just add other things later, on the fly, that way i can keep it short, and not feck about with more shizzle and details.

Maybe i will add an “about me” sticky page, that way anyone trying to catch up can get the low down quicker… trawling through almost a days worth of no posts at this point makes it a moot point, but lets hope i get round to more stuff on here so its worth while.

\beer o’clock
\stop wasting time at work and go home
\yes im still at work
\getting paid to fuck about on my website
\living the dream
\not using #tags cause i rock… strokes….

oh yeah, plans, like at the end of the road map we started at…. next plan: Make About me Section!